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You got something to say? Well, go ahead.   A podcast that riffs its way down the rabbit hole of comedy, hosted weekly by Jake Kroeger and Jeremy Paul.
This Better Be Funny Ep. 84 with Keith and The Girl

Trailblazing podcasters Keith Malley and Chemda better known as the long running, great podcast, Keith and The Girl, join Jake and Jeremy at Crave Cafe in Studio City for what was a toss up as to who was interviewing who. Per usual on TBBF, there was plenty of faux bickering between Jake and Jeremy, intense interest in said bickering from guests Keith and Chemda, and what turns out to be a lovely late lunch (sans lunch) between four people like Richard Linklater had written this as his next movie or something.

Check out Keith and Chemda at The LA Podcast Festival this weekend Oct. 4th-6th for all their Keith and The Girl live tapings/shows.

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This Better Be Funny Ep. 83 Despicable Edition with Margot Leitman

Perennial Moth Grandslam winner and hilarious storyteller/writer Margot Leitman comes in for this latest episode in This Better Be Funny’s Despicable Edition mini-series to challenge co-host Jeremy Paul in who has the more embarrassing, shameful, or despicable story for the prize of cassette tapes. 

Margot’s had a story which could be the seed that started a brand new world regime and Jeremy’s story is so shrouded in secrecy as we’ve never knew that he knew sleazy winemakers. Listen to both stories and see which one host Jake Kroeger (a man who admitted that the closest he would get to going to a strip club is watching an Air Sex Competition) will pick as the aforementioned most shameful, embarrassing, or despicable.

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This Better Be Funny Ep. 82 Despicable Edition with Sean O’Connor

Another episode of This Better Be Funny mini-series “Despicable Edition” where we have a guest square off with co-host Jeremy Paul, who admitted to basically being a baby boxing promoter, in a “despicable/embarrassing story off” is here. This week, Sean O’Connor (Conan), a man who told off Bon Jovi, who has a pretty formidable tale in one of the worst girlfriends ever by virtue of the fact that she tried to frame him for a felony. 

Listen to how Sean survived that, what Jeremy will admit to from his past, what story wins based off Jake's decision/possible bias against his co-host, and if Sean wins a cassette tape of David Gray (Yep, that's what he was playing for).

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This Better Be Funny Ep. 81 Despicable Edition with Sean Patton

One of Jake and Jeremy's favorite guests, the hilarious Sean Patton, who you should know from Conan, Fallon, Comedy Central, and more joins in for The Despicable Edition of This Better Be Funny. The “shameless story off” pits a really twisted story of an ex-girlfriend vs. really underground illegal boxing. What’s illegal and what’s twisted and who is telling which story AND does Sean win the prize of a cassette tape of his choice?

You’ll just have to listen to find out.

Also, you should listen because Jake got his car towed while recording this episode making it probably among the most expensive podcast episodes ever produced

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This Better Be Funny Ep. 80 The Despicable Edition w/Alex Hooper

As part of an a mini-series experiment, Jake and Jeremy are having a “Despicable Edition” of the This Better Be Funny Podcast. Given Jeremy’s nickname as ‘Evil’ coming from living in the projects, they have their guest tell the most embarrassing, shameful story they’ll admit to in an attempt to “out-despicable” Jeremy. After their story, they’ll pick the story Jeremy will tell from a few titles only and based on Jake’s sheltered, privileged judgment, the guest might win a prize in the form of a cassette tape of their choice if they beat out Jeremy Paul depraved gentleman’s contest.

The guest/contestant this week is Alex Hooper who has carved his way into the LA Comedy scene with his stand up as well as great comedy shows on rooftops and in warehouses and, man oh man, does he have one hell of a story about ignoring your friends in who you’re taking home from the bar for this Despicable Edition of TBBF. 

Listen to see if Alex or Jeremy wins/admits to having done the more shameful thing.

Also, what might be more attractive to some of you is that this new format is only about 30 min. long in addition to being pretty damn entertaining the whole way through.

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This Better Be Funny Ep. 79 with Josh Haness

Josh Haness, the co-host of the one of the best live comedy shows in LA, The Josh & Josh Show, joins Jake and Jeremy at The Farmer’s Market to connect the riffing points of Egypt’s removal of Morsi, ICDC, hanging brain during stage productions, after hours supermarkets and what music they should be playing on the PA system, and more. Also, this is what they, a group of comedians did on the 4th of July, as opposed to eating various grilled meats and look at colorful exploding things because that’s their freedom to do so in the good ol’ US of A. 

And another thing: If you know of someone at Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce corporate, if there is such a thing, someone let them know we always plug their sauce on our program (just like I said last week and every time before that). 

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This Better Be Funny Ep. 78 with ‘Poetry’

By “…with ‘Poetry’”,  Jake and Jeremy mean that they have, on this very episode, themselves doing poetry at a comedy open mic. Of course, there’s the normal riffing session with various comedians come in and out as Jeremy undoubtedly finds a way to walk them from the show, but there are poems read at the open mic written in both high school and in just less than an hour before the recording of the podcast. Interestingly enough, the poetry doesn’t walk anyone and gets laughs.

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This Better Be Funny Ep. 77 w/Ron Funches

This episode opens up on a confession of love from a homeless man that guest Ron Funches (Conan, Undateable) gave money to and Jake and Jeremy go from there trying to top that oath of friendship, albeit a paid one, for the rest of the conversation. Whether the story of how Ron got kicked out of E3 and Jeremy giving out “street” financial advice does indeed top that is up to you to decide leaving you to listen to this episode and make this life changing choice.

Also, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce is, yet again, apparently the consumer product that this podcast is proactively plugging this week in hopes of being sponsored at one point.

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This Better Be Funny Ep. 76 with Faith Choyce

Guest comedian on this week’s episode, Faith Choyce, claims that she doesn’t have that big of a vocabulary and is subsequently tested by Jake and Jeremy. It should be noted that Jake introduced the podcast by describing this moment as “…has not a big vocabulary,” which should indicate how valid Jake’s knowledge is when it comes to diction. Also, we try to figure out if Jeremy is truly the only black fan of Bjork

FYI, the guys are still giving love to Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce even though they are not officially sponsored by Sweet Baby Ray’s or Food 4 Less.

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